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Missing School February 5, 2009

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Under normal circumstances, I am one of those moms that rarely, if ever, lets my kids come home from school early.  However, it seems that recently I just don’t fit into that category at all.  Last week, Brooklyn came home early with a very legitimate barfing situation.  This week, it got worse, and by next week, it will be completely out of control.

Basketball injury

Basketball injury

Ryan called from the school to tell me about this rather heinous injury.  It needed some attention, but frankly, I felt pretty silly checking him out of school for a scraped knee.  It reminded me of a similar injury I had when I was in 8th grade, which I received in a very similar way.  Except that in addition to the knee, mine was also all over my face.  Very embarassing.

Tuesday, we had dentist appointments.  I will never understand why the dentist (pediatrician, eye doctor, etc.) can’t be in the office on Fridays, when the kids get out of school early.  So, that was an extra early day for my kids.

Quinn visits the Dentist

Quinn visits the Dentist

The dentist says that Quinn has yet another rare dental problem.  Okay, let me backtrack a bit.  Last May, Quinn had oral surgery to remove 9 teeth from his mouth.  (or should I say his face?  Most of them were not actually in his mouth.) At the tender age of 9, he had his 4 wisdom teeth removed, plus 3 extra teeth and 2 babies.  It was a horrifying experience.  We just got a new dentist, and he thinks Quinn’s badly malformed front incisor has “dens en dente.”  And no, you are not the only one who has not heard of that.  It literally means tooth in tooth.  The dentist said he has never seen it, in his admitedly short 3.5 years of practice.  This kid has YEARS of orthodontic and dental work ahead of him.  Robb is trying to figure out how to get him married off, so he can pay his own dental bills!  I don’t know why I’m complaining though.  The cost to repair this tooth is less than half the cost to fill Brooklyn’s 7 cavities, and they both pale in comparison to the massive amount of dental work I need. 

And did I mention that everyone is seeing the eye doctor next week?  So let’s add this up.  Everyone missed school Tuesday for the dentist, so 1 day each.  Ryan missed Wednesday for the knee-scrape situation.  Next week, they all go to the eye doc, and Ryan and Brooklyn return to the dentist.  That makes the total 2 days for Quinn, 3 for Brooklyn, and a whopping 4 missed days in 2 weeks for Ryan.  I hope the school doesn’t call the truancy officer!


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    Welcome to the blogging word, I’m so glad that you are here!!! Come and check out my blog at

  2. Jen Says:

    Thanks for welcoming me to the blogging world, guys. I’m counting on all my friends to help me learn the tips and tricks to having an awesome blog, so feel free to pass some along at any time!

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