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Sundays are the best February 9, 2009

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Let me start by saying that Sundays aren’t always the best.  During January and February, I frequently spend several hours each Sunday in various church meetings.  It can be exhausting.  This past Sunday, I was in a pretty bad mood, and even slept through my 7am meeting.  Fortunately for me, I have a wonderfully supportive family.  I had a break between meetings, and came home to eat lunch.  I found that Brooklyn had set up a picnic lunch on the kitchen floor.

February picnic

February picnic

The kids were happy and laughing, and eating their peanut butter sandwiches.  This is the same time when we had the conversation with Brooklyn I referenced in my sidebar “Daily News” about digging up dead people.  Sometimes children have kind of gruesome thoughts.  It made me laugh, though, and took my mind off my self-imposed crankiness.

Oh, and here is a picture of Brooklyn’s smiley-face sandwich.  What a girl thing to do!

Smiley Sandwich

Smiley Sandwich

Those are wheat-thins for eyes, and a banana for a mouth.

Brooklyn has been asking me recently to make banana bread, but honestly, I can’t keep bananas around long enough to make bread out of them.  I think the 3 of them had to share 1 banana this day.  I’ve heard that in other houses, bananas frequently go uneaten until they turn black and have to be thrown away.  At our house, we eat them like they are going out of style.

Well, after the picnic lunch, we had a “family nap.”  This is where we all pile onto the bed or couch with a blanket, cuddle up, tickle each other, and then Robb and I fall asleep and the kids get bored and leave.  Quinn was the first to join the family nap, climbing into our bed next to Robb.  Robb told him, there are rules to laying in our bed.  This is where the 13 years of marriage has its advantages, because I knew exactly where he was going, and I jumped in with rule #1, which is: No farting in our bed.  Quinn is a 10 year old boy who naturally thinks anything about farting is amazingly hysterical, so he was laughing pretty good about that.  We told him that he was welcome to fart in his own bed.  He replied that he could warm up the bed, and then could not stop laughing at his own funniness.  Robb warned him that if the bed got warm, he was getting kicked out.  Well, the hysterical laughter continued, and we then need to make a rule #2: no peeing in bed.  Fortunately for us, Quinn chose to take a bathroom break at that point.  When Brooklyn and Ryan came in, Quinn was recounting the whole story to them, and could not even breathe for all the laughing he did.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his stomach muscles were sore after that.

So there I was, trying hard to be ornery and upset.  I was laying in a warm, comfortable bed, with my head on Robb’s shoulder, listening to Quinn try to contain his hysterical laughter, feeling the kids laying on top of us, and having just enough time for a short nap before the next meeting began.  It was wonderful!

I frequently look forward to Sundays, because I love the day where nothing is planned.  We do our cleaning chores on Friday or Saturday, and I am pretty committed to not doing any housework on Sundays.  The kids don’t have any activities on Sundays, and we frequently visit with family.  I love it.  It’s so nice to have that one day where we sit around the house, talk or play or read, spend time with the kids, and little else.  I realize that when the kids get older, Sundays will probably be homework days, so I am trying my best to enjoy it now!


2 Responses to “Sundays are the best”

  1. Becca Says:

    What a cute sandwhich. Sundays are the BEST!

  2. velvet Says:

    I think farting in the bed is ok!)

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