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Who does this? February 17, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 8:03 am
Who does this?

Who does this?

This is SO gross!  I don’t know how the boys can stand it, honestly.  I have given up trying to help them, because my efforts have proved futile for so long now. 

Imagine my surprise when Ryan told us last night that he and Quinn are having a contest to figure out who is the toothpaste slob.  They each got their own small tube of toothpaste at our last trip to the dentist, so they are each trying to keep their own little tube clean, to prove that the disgusting situation in this picture is not their fault. 

I just want to be clear here, because I am pretty astonished myself.  They are now training themselves to keep something clean, with no prompting from me whatsoever!!  I’m not sure that has ever happened at our house before.


3 Responses to “Who does this?”

  1. Maren M. Says:

    Watch out – I’m pretty sure this is a sign of the second coming or something!

  2. Jen Says:

    I think you’re right. I better go buy more food storage right away!

  3. Mom Says:

    I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I cracked up at the picture. Yuck.

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