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Disappointing Finish March 4, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 12:59 pm
District Science Fair

District Science Fair

I don’t think district science fair was exactly what these boys envisioned it would be.  As we left after the awards ceremony, Kyle said, “Those judges were hard!”

They gave ribbons to every kid, and there were around 100 5th graders all together.  There were 4 levels of ribbons.  The top level was blue, “Superior,” and that group had about 15 kids in it.  The green level was “Excellent” and that group had about 30 kids.  The third level, red,  was “Outstanding” and had about 25 kids.  The lowest level was pink, “Good” and had about 10 kids.  Quinn and Kyle were two of those ten pink ribbon kids.  It was very disappointing. 

Some of the projects there were quite amazing, and we saw one or two that we barely understood.  There were several projects about the effects of music on test taking or blood pressure or heart rate.  Some of those were quite well done.  As we examined other projects, “How Elevators Work” started to seem more and more like research and less and less like science.

Nevertheless, I still think they had a good experience.  They will certainly remember it for the rest of their lives, and they can just remember how it felt to win at their own school, and try to forget the district fair!


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