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Giant Child Roams Housetops March 30, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 12:06 pm
Giant Roams Housetops

Giant Roams Housetops

Quinn loved this picture I took of him in the tree in our front yard.  It looks like he is a giant, standing on the neighbor’s rooftop.  This is hysterical if you are a 10-year old boy.

Spring fever has hit us pretty hard, and climbing trees is just one symptom.  I think their favorite day of the entire month was the day Robb took their bikes down from the ceiling of the garage.  Now I’m finding myself pestering them every day about whether their bikes are away and whether the garage door is closed.

By the way, note the funky new haircut.  As soon as the weather gets warm, we just buzz it all off.  Quinn loves that low-maintenance style.  (The lower, the better, if you know what I mean.)  I like it because it’s cooler, neater, and cleaner, if only slightly.  And the boys use even less shampoo now, which is really saying something!


One Response to “Giant Child Roams Housetops”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    That picture is great. It does look like a giant on the rooftop. We still have snow, and freezing weather here. I think I wore capri’s once a couple of weeks ago when it was 60 degrees. That was our only nice day so far. So sad. Utah is always a few weeks ahead of us with getting their blooming trees and green grass.

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