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Learning to Sew April 4, 2009

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New Pillowcase and Blanket

New Pillowcase and Blanket

Brooklyn is feeling so lucky these days.  A few weeks ago, with some help from Grandma, I convinced Brooklyn to get rid of her old blanket, the one she has used since birth.  It was getting pretty ratty and smelly and faded.  Grandma agreed to make her a new one, and let Brooklyn choose the fabric.

They went shopping for fabric, but unfortunately could not find anything with ponies or unicorns on it.  It was pretty disappointing.  But, Brooklyn did find this cute flannel in purple and turquoise that she thought she could live with.  Grandma quickly delivered a new, soft, warm blanket to replace the old one.

The real treat was that she also helped Brooklyn with a new pillowcase.  She bought some matching fabric for the pillowcase, and had Brooklyn over for an afternoon of sewing, and lunch at Carls Jr.  I’ve been wanting to teach Brooklyn to sew, and we have done just a couple little things together.  She is just getting old enough to handle the machine.  When she got home, Brooklyn reported, “Grandma got me started, and I did the rest!”  She is very proud of her handiwork and loves to use her new pillowcase and blanket.


One Response to “Learning to Sew”

  1. Mom Says:

    Cute picture ! You need to email me a copy of it- – I need it for my scrapbook.

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