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Foiled Again April 17, 2009

Filed under: Arts & Crafts,Daily Life — Jen @ 10:32 am
An Easter Masterpiece

An Easter Masterpiece

I like to try different easter egg kits, to give the kids a little variety.  I don’t think they are under any delusions about the “magic” of the whole affair… Quinn even told me that the Easter bunny doesn’t know his shoe size.  (He generally leaves the kids new flip flops with their candy.)  So, coloring the eggs is really where the fun is anymore. (Let me just take this moment to point out that the Easter Bunny had to buy the boys’ flip-flops in MENS sizes this year!!  … ’nuff said!)

This year, I bought the foil egg kit.  They actually turned out pretty good, which is more than I can say for my pictures.  They all turned out blurry.  This one was the best shot of the craft in action.  (Sidebar… I thought it was just my eyes that were blurry!!  It was 11 pm Saturday night when we did this project!!)

Basically, you do the regular coloring, with the dye tablets and the vinegar, and then you smear some glue on it, (pretty quick-drying glue, I might add!) and then you rub the foil on.  It doesn’t stick everywhere, so it leaves a marbled look.  The kids loved it.  Ryan is so in love with his creation, he won’t let anyone eat it, now that Easter is over!


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