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Messy Bun April 17, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 10:43 am
Cuter than it is Messy

Cuter than it is Messy

Yes, I have FINALLY learned to do a messy bun.  I think I am the last woman on earth to figure it out.

I went to YouTube and searched through the videos.  (Hey, I learned to knit from YouTube, why not learn to do hair?)  I found quite a few videos, and all of them had different ways of accomplishing this fashion must.  Frankly, most of them were a lot more messy than they were cute, in my opinion.  I finally found one that is easy to do, and looks pretty cute.  I tried it in my own hair and loved it.  (If I didn’t have such a hard time taking a picture of the back of my own head, I would add one in here!) 

Brooklyn also loved my messy bun, so I told her I would do one in her hair.  I think it turned out pretty adorable on her.  Her hair is way different than mine, so hers has a different look, even though it is the same process. 

In case you are actually the last person on earth to learn the messy bun, I recommend YouTube, and look for those that use 2 elastics, and only a few bobby pins.


One Response to “Messy Bun”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Cute hair. I try to do a messy bun, but don’t quite get it, so I don’t think you are the last person to learn. Ü

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