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Serious Mowing April 22, 2009

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"Riding" mower

"Riding" mower

Ryan just loves to be with his dad, and doesn’t even mind working when he is.  This day, Robb was using his professional equipment to mow our lawn.  He let Ryan ride on the front of the mower.  This quickly graduated to more serious involvement…

Riding behind the mower

Riding behind the mower

This mower has a stand behind it, with a wheel, so the driver doesn’t have to walk.  Robb put Ryan on the stand for a more realistic view of this job.  Ryan was feeling pretty cool at this point. 

I think Robb was having a memory of when he was 10 years old and his Grandpa taught him to use the tractor.  After going across the field only once or twice, Grandpa hopped off and said, “See you in a couple hours!,” leaving Robb to finish the job alone.  It really seems scary from a parent’s point of view!

Solo Mowing

Solo Mowing

This machine is not at all like your mower at home.  It goes quite fast, and actually can turn on a dime.  Watching the whole scene from the safety of my deck, I was a little worried he would drive the mower through the fence!  But he handled it like a champ.  The turns were a little tough to negotiate, but Robb helped him through those.  Afterward, Ryan was all smiles, and feeling pretty proud.  “That was awesome!” was his comment.  I suspect he will be a useful employee for this business in a few more years!!


2 Responses to “Serious Mowing”

  1. Jill Says:

    Awesome, Ryan!! I think you’re working your way into a summer job! Grandpa Oleson would be proud.

  2. Becca Says:

    I can’t believe how green your grass already is. Our still has a lot of brown in it. Nice mower too. Do you come to Montana to cut grass? Ü

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