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Brown Belt May 2, 2009

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copy-of-dscn1979It was an exciting week!!  Ryan moved up a rank at karate, from green belt to brown belt.  He has been a green belt for more than 18 months, so it was a big day for him.

A couple days ago, he went to the tab test (an internal test to see if he is ready for the next belt rank.  Three tabs = new belt rank.) These tests always make me so nervous!  Quinn was testing too, for his first tab.  Ryan, however, had to make up 3 techniques for this test.  The teachers gave him a hard time about his techniques, because he was being kind of laid-back.  They wanted him to work on being aggresive and actually hitting the attacker.  So we worked hard over the weekend.

The Pride of Achievement

The Pride of Achievement

Saturday was the actual belt test, and Ryan was the ONLY student testing for brown belt.  He performed well in the test anyway.  His made up techniques looked much better, faster, and more intense.  The teachers even complimented him on his improvement. 

We celebrated afterward with a trip to Iceberg for shakes.  Of course, it was cold and rainy outside, so everyone froze while eating them! 

I love that at karate, a belt isn’t a thing that you have, it is something that you are.  They don’t say, “He has a brown belt,” they say, “He is a brown belt.”  And, Ryan deserved it!!  Congratulations Ry!


3 Responses to “Brown Belt”

  1. Amy Pollock Says:

    Congrats Ryan!! Way to go!

  2. Becca Says:

    That is awesome!! Congrats! Sammy only made it to green belt before he quit. I wish he wouldn’t have stayed with it. What an accomplishment!

  3. Becca Says:

    Oops, I ment to say “would have” stayed with it. 🙂

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