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Creativity with Cardboard May 18, 2009

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New Home for the LPS's

New Home for the LPS's

Brooklyn has a new love… cardboard.  She has been using empty boxes to make homes for her toys.  This one, I think, is her masterpiece.  It is for her “Littlest Pet Shop” toys.  She uses scissors and scotch tape, and then does the bulk of the decorating, as you can tell, with blue sharpie.  Here’s a couple more shots to give you a better idea of how involved this little “home” is.

5-09 0065-09 007In case you are wondering, she only has 4 of these toys… the lamb, the skunk, the horse, and the dog.  As you can see, they each occupy their own corner of the home.  Personally, I find it interesting that each animal has a chair… how does a horse sit on a chair anyway?


One Response to “Creativity with Cardboard”

  1. velvet Says:

    I love it, I remember making cities for our barbies with shoe boxes and stuff! So much fun.

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