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Creativity with Cardboard, part 2 May 25, 2009

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Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy Strikes

Robb and I sent the kids to bed and sat down to watch a movie.  After the movie was over, we came upstairs to find this note next to the broken cardboard toy houses.  It’s a pretty heartbreaking note!!  It was one of those moments where we were sad, but laughing at the same time.  Is there a word for that?

Brooklyn swears that some malicious person deliberately took these LPS homes apart.  My theory is that scotch tape can only hold cardboard for so long.  I wanted to help her by introducing her to the wonderful world of clear packing tape.  Robb had something else in mind.  He told her he would help her make a new house that was even better.  She was so excited about this project that she pestered him about it all weekend!


New and Improved LPS home

New and Improved LPS home

As you can see, the new home is much improved.  It has 4 doors, and windows as well.  It has 2 halls, 4 bedrooms, a very large kitchen, a bathroom, a play room, and the largest room in the house is the “time out room.”  I think this is funny, because we never us the phrase “time out” at our house.  She made a point of telling me that there are only 2 stools in the time out room, so if more than 2 are in trouble at once, someone will have to stand in the corner.

Robb cut out the doors and windows, and reinforced the box with packing tape.  Brooklyn, naturally, did all the artwork.  Check out the smile on her face now!  All is right with the world again….

All is right!

All is right!


One Response to “Creativity with Cardboard, part 2”

  1. amy Says:

    Dad’s are one of God’s greatest creations.

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