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New Bedroom for B June 17, 2009

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The Socket Wrench

The Socket Wrench

We decided to give Brooklyn a new, improved, and slightly larger room.  For the record, I was not thrilled with the idea at first, and I had two very compelling reasons.

First, it meant yet ANOTHER move of all my office and craft stuff, which is a huge project and a pain in the butt.

Second, because each time I move the office and craft stuff, the space it goes into gets smaller and smaller, and more and more cramped.

Robb talked me into it, on the grounds that Brooklyn’s room was so small and cramped that her stuff didn’t really fit in it, making it impossible to keep clean.  She is the worst at keeping her room clean in the first place, (which is really saying something in our house!) so having limited space is a big problem.  He also offered to build her a lofted bed, leaving her a significant amount of floor space.

This bed is honestly the easiest and cheapest project we have ever done.

Step One: bolt the frame to the wall

Step One: bolt the frame to the wall

We started by painting some 2×6’s white, and then bolting them to the wall with 3/8″ lag screws. (Actually, we started by painting the walls a nice buttery yellow, but I guess that is a given.) Brooklyn learned all about the socket wrench during this phase of the project.

Plenty of head space

Plenty of head space

We opted to make the bed quite high, to give her maximum usable space underneath. Picture #3 here shows off just how much head room she has beneath the bed.

After bolting the front frame piece to the side frame pieces, we then added cleates and a nice big piece of press board.  It was ready for the mattress!

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Brooklyn was WAY excited to be up in the new space!

Next step: Building a rail to keep her from falling off, adding an artistic dimension to the walls, and bringing in fun new furniture pieces.  But that is a blog post for another day.


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