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Brace Face June 23, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 6:51 pm
Brace Face

Brace Face

Our family has officially experienced the dawning of a new age: the age of orthodontia.  A couple weeks ago, Quinn’s retainer broke into pieces as we left the orthodontists office.  He was all too happy to chuck it in the trash can!!  The orthodontist was very disappointed at how poorly the retainer had worked.  It was supposed to get the job done in 3-4 weeks, but after several months, it was still working hard.  So, he went to plan B.

Today, they gave Quinn braces on his front top 4 teeth, and 2 on his back molars.  The process was not so fun, but he reports that wearing the braces is less uncomfortable than he had envisioned.  They let him choose colors for the bands that go around the brackets.  Quinn, naturally, chose red and orange.  He is a big fan of the color orange, and I have not yet been able to convince him that red and orange do not really match!!

He came home with a new brushing kit, (so far, he is actually using it… knock on wood!) and a t-shirt that says “Braces Rock!”  The orthodontist does lots of fun contests and prize giveaways.  This summer he is having a drawing for a $150 visa card, and the way to enter is to send them a picture of yourself wearing the braces t-shirt on your vacation or family reunion.  Quinn is currently feeling pretty committed to winning this contest!  Personally, I have some fears about what an 11 year old boy would buy with $150!


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