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B’s room, part 3: New Desk July 4, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 7:19 pm
New Desk

New Desk

Robb finished Brooklyn’s new desk this week.  We got this old school desk from his mom, who has had a couple in storage for years.

Robb used a grinder on the metal parts, and then spray painted them black.  He used a light green stain on the wood parts, the same stain he used when he made her foot locker last Christmas.  Now the desk and foot locker match quite nicely!

Brooklyn loves this new desk, and has been using it non-stop since it was placed in her room!  Robb also removed the big computer desk from her room, so she finally has lots and lots of space to enjoy.

Desk and Foot Locker

Desk and Foot Locker


One Response to “B’s room, part 3: New Desk”

  1. Francie Says:

    I can only imagine how much Brooklyn is enjoying her wonderfully decorated room!! You have done a great job.

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