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New PJ’s July 17, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 10:15 am
New PJ Pants

New PJ Pants

It’s Brooklyn’s birthday!  She is 8 years old… making us wonder where the time has gone.  This year, mysteriously, she asked for pajama pants with “skeletons” on them.  What she actually meant was skulls and crossbones.  I did a little searching a found a couple cute fabrics, both on sale (yay!) so I could easily afford to make her 2 pairs.

We opted to keep the pink pair long, so she could wear them for a long time.  I put a drawstring in the waist, and they are plenty roomy… I suspect she could wear them for 4 years or more.  I think the other pair will be a little smaller.

She was pretty happy about her new birthday pj’s!

Skulls and kiss-bones

Skulls and kiss-bones

Skulls Rock!

Skulls Rock!


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