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Mirror Lake July 20, 2009

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Beautiful Backdrop

Beautiful Backdrop

We finally took a weekend camping trip this summer!!  After much searching, we finally found a campsite near Mirror Lake.  Then we drove to the lake and walked the trail that goes around it.  We stopped halfway, took off our socks and shoes, and waded in the shallows.  Brooklyn told us several times that she was “having a great time!”  This was a double-bonus for us, because she spent the day before telling us that she was NOT happy about going camping on her birthday!!  She had basically refused to have fun.  I love the beautiful background in this picture.  It was a gorgeous day!  The only thing this photo doesn’t capture is the masses of people that were also on and around the lake.  Honestly, I’m not sure how I missed them.

Daddy Time

Daddy Time

This is how we walked the trail…

Brooklyn, Robb and I walked on the path, while Ryan and Quinn jumped from rock to rock, and looked for smaller trail off-shoots and fun little groupings of trees.  Quinn kept trying to find little side trails that he could use to sneak up on Robb and scare him.

Paths are for Wimps!

Paths are for Wimps!

These last pictures are some that Quinn set up for me.   He had a great time turning every stick he found into a weapon.  At one point, he spent about an hour looking for his “double-bladed sword” only to discover that it was the one he had been carrying with him the whole time.  This stick also doubled as a rocket launcher and a bow.  Very useful weapon, if you ask me.

The long stick he was holding in this picture was a bazooka.  He spent some time telling us that he always takes his bazooka with him, wherever he goes.  He wanted this shot with the fire in the background, so it would look like he had just blown something up!  Ryan joined the action, too, and used this split log as a rocket launcher.  Honestly, I don’t know what our boys would do if they couldn’t pretend to blow things up!

Brutal Bazooka

Brutal Bazooka

Bazooka and Rocket Launcher

Bazooka and Rocket Launcher


2 Responses to “Mirror Lake”

  1. amy Says:


    I didn’t know you went to Mirror Lake! I love Mirror Lake! We used to go there a lot. My dad always caught his limit of fish whenever we’d go. It is so beautiful there! I’m so glad that you were able to spend quality time with your family!


  2. velvet Says:

    Sounds like fun, that almost motivates me to plan a weekend camp out, almost!

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