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Shooting Spree August 11, 2009

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Dead Eye

Dead Eye

I just love this photo.  While we were in Greybull, we had a great time shooting rifles.  Robb has been wanting to take the kids shooting for years now, and we finally had one free afternoon for it!  Brooklyn had a little trouble closing just one eye in order to take aim.  She got the hang of it pretty quickly, though.  Each kid had a chance to stand with dad and get some good target practice.  At first we shot at bottles and other garbage we found laying around.  They all did pretty good with the .22 rifle, and managed to hit their targets with just a few tries, even in the heavy wind.

Blown to Smithereens

Blown to Smithereens

We traded the .22 for the .220 swift, a much bigger gun.  Quinn said this gun “hits like a hammer!” when you shoot it.  I think it left his shoulder a little sore.  We set up more bottles at about 150 yards away.  It’s pretty hard to see bottles from that distance!  Ryan ripped this Mt. Dew bottle to shreds on his very first try!  He was feeling pretty cool about it, rightfully so.  Quinn did awesome, too.  He shattered a glass bottle with only 3 tries.  They loved this part of the afternoon.

The third and final leg of the shooting spree was the prairie dog hunt.  This is a pasttime Robb learned from his dad, Bob.  Bob was known to decimate entire towns of prairie dogs in his time.

First Kill

First Kill

Hunting prairie dogs was rough business that day.  It was very sunny and windy.  The prairie dogs don’t really like the afternoon sun, or the wind, so there weren’t many to be found.  Once we found them, the bright sun made them hard to see and the wind made them even harder to shoot.  It was a mad dash to get a few shots in before they ran back down into their holes.

At last, we finally shot one little prairie dog.  The real problem here was that we didn’t know who actually made the killing shot.  Robb thought Quinn got it, while I was pretty sure it was Ryan.  It didn’t matter too much, though, because they were both excited about the whole thing.

Brooklyn said that shooting is “kind of boring and kind of fun.”  That’s because it’s not so fun until you actually hit something!  Now we can’t wait to get back to Greybull next year for more prairie dog hunting.


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