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The Baby Gets Baptized August 11, 2009

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The Family on Baptism Day

The Family on Baptism Day

It was a weird feeling to take our youngest child to be baptized.  That compounded with our upcoming 35th birthdays makes us feel a little old.

August 1st was the big day for Brooklyn.  I found this cute black and white dress for her to wear.  I count it as a huge sucess, because I had to go to about 6 or 7 stores to find something decent.  Note to self: buy all dresses at Easter and Christmas!!  Brooklyn looked beautiful and was very excited to wear the new clothes.  The dress came with a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, cute hair clips, new tights, and some cute cute cute shoes!

New Scriptures

New Scriptures

Before we left for the baptism, I gave Brooklyn her birthday-slash-baptism gift: new scriptures with her name on them.  It is a green quad, not too different from my own set, might I add.  She carried them in the scripture case she made at activity days.  She also got a red marking pencil, but I haven’t sharpened it yet.  After I bought it, I questioned the wisdom of that purchase.  This little girl loves to draw and color on everything!!

Brooklyn and Daddy

Brooklyn and Daddy

Brooklyn is pretty lucky that she has a daddy that can do the baptism and confirmation for her.  Robb loves having that opportunity, too.  The fun part for me is that this child is a daughter, so I was able to be a little more helpful during the dressing and hair combing part of the service.

We were a little worried that Grandma Roper and Uncle Andy might not be able to make it, due to work schedules, but they were both able to attend in the end.  Grandma played the piano, and Ryan gave the baptism talk.  We ended up putting this talk together at the last minute, and I was pretty stressed about it.  Ryan did a great job, though!!  He was nervous and shaking, but he pushed through it like a champ.  Keilee and Micah sang “I Lived in Heaven” and then Grandma Stott gave the Holy Ghost talk.  Quinn and Aunt Suze gave the prayers.  We are lucky to have so many family members near that we can ask to help out!

Brooklyn’s Primary President made her a very nice book to remember her baptism, and a little journal as well.  All in all, I think it was a very nice day, and one I think Brooklyn will remember fondly for many, many years.


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