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My Favorite Birthday Gift October 5, 2009

Filed under: Arts & Crafts,Daily Life — Jen @ 9:06 pm
Pen & Post-it Holder

Pen & Post-it Holder

The day before my birthday, Ryan presented me with this fine gift.  He made this pen holder at school.  He has a class which introduces kids to various trades, such as woodwork, metal work, basic computer skills, and the like.  He had been telling me about this project for a while.  I was pretty excited to have it!  Robb wanted it, too, but I got it, and I’m not giving it up.

Oh, he also gave me a ring made from a nickel.  It has been polished, and is very shiny.  It’s also humongous, but I can, and do, wear it on my thumb.  What a great gift, right?

I remember the year Ryan’s school class was making paper airplanes.  He won the paper airplane making contest.  He has skills with paper airplanes.  That year, he gave me a paper airplane as a birthday gift.  It was very intricately colored in rainbow stripes, folded and glued very neatly, with a flag on the back end that read, “Happy Birthday.”  I love that plane.  The kid is an awesome gift giver.


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