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Using Your Imagination October 19, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 2:46 pm
Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Ryan, after being banned from all electronics, decided to amuse himself by building a mini-golf course in Grandma’s front room.  He and Micah gathered a cardboard box, tape, stapler, and scissors, and got seriously busy on the project.  This little golf course was quite elaborate!  They were very disappointed when, after 2-3 hours of working, we made them take it down so we could go home.  My favorite feature of the whole thing is that it’s modular, so even though they took it down, they can put it back up again at a whim.

The real tragedy was that Grandma did not have a golf ball and putter available, so they weren’t even able to try it out!  Tragic.

After spending way too much time in front of the TV, I gave Quinn a length of PVC pipe and told him to go kill the troll in the backyard.  “The trouble with trolls,” I told him, “Is that they are kind of dumb.”  He chuckled, “I know.”

“So, if there’s a troll, it’s probably been sent by someone else.  Once you defeat the troll, there’s most likely going to be another enemy to defeat.  I have no idea who that will be.  I hope you can handle it.”  (Like there was any question.)

Later, I asked Quinn about his fight, and if he defeated all his enemies.  He then proceeded to tell me a story about these bad guys.  “It was a Minotaur.  Do you know what that is?”  I did, but I wondered how he did.  His mind latches on to this stuff.  There was also a Cyclops, and it seems the Minotaur and the Cyclops formed a temporary alliance to defeat Quinn, after which they intended to kill each other.  Quinn removed that opportunity from them.

I love when they get away from the tv and game cube, and just play like kids!!


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