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Sleeping in the Tub October 24, 2009

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A strange bed

A strange bed

Yes, this is Brooklyn sleeping the bathtub.  I honestly cannot explain it.

This is how it started.  She had a little needlepoint project to work on from activity days.   She was banned from electronics due to an earlier major infraction of family rules and general decency, so she was looking for a “safe” place to work on her project, someplace where she wouldn’t be tempted to do something to get herself into more trouble.  (Sidebar: the obvious answer here is to sit in the comfy mushroom chair in her bedroom, but since it was covered in dirty clothes and toys, it seemed easier to haul a bunch of stuff to the bathroom than spend 5 minutes cleaning up the bedroom.)  So, she filled the bathtub with pillows and blankets and camped out there with her little project.  She was so comfortable in there, that she decided to spend the night.

That night, I told her to brush her teeth and go to bed.  When I went in a little while later to check on her, she was nowhere to be found.  I found her, already asleep, in the bathtub bed she made for herself.  The thing that really cracked me up was the attention to detail.  Notice the slippers, by the side of the tub/bed.  And, the phone in the soap dish.  She also brought some stuffed animals to bed with her, for good measure.

This is not an activity that would ever have crossed my mind as a child.  It does not look fun at all to me.  Robb says, it’s exactly something he would have done!  I’m starting to think all my children are more Stott than Roper.  Not sure how to feel about that.

Needlepoint Cat

Needlepoint Cat

I’m including here also a picture of the nearly completed needlepoint cat.  Following instructions is obviously not her strong suit, but she had a blast doing it, so I didn’t say much about it.  I may have to get some more of these little craft projects for her to do!  Although, I hope they don’t continue to lead her to do silly things like sleep in the tub!


One Response to “Sleeping in the Tub”

  1. velvet Says:

    Did she sleep there all night? Aren’t kids crazy? I am not looking forward to all that homework as the girls get older, I am sure it is like you are doing it too right? We are supposed to be done with school;)

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