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After-Church Clothes November 9, 2009

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Copy of 2009 002

The Dress-Down Look

Brooklyn loves this skirt that she got for Christmas last year.  She wears it every week.  I literally have to pry it out of her hands to get it washed.  Once in a while I insist that she wear something different.  It usually makes her cry.

This past Sunday, she wore the beloved outfit to church, and afterward decided to join the rest of us in “dressing down.”  However, since the skirt is probably THE most favorite piece of clothing she owns, the thought of taking it off definitely does NOT make her more comfortable!  So, she removed the white t-shirt and black sweater, and paired the christmas print skirt and black tights with this colorful tank.  I suppose in certain circles, this look could be considered high style.  Honestly, I thought she looked beautiful!



One Response to “After-Church Clothes”

  1. Becca Says:

    That sounds so much like Aliza. So cute.

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