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Paper Frog Infestation November 11, 2009

Filed under: Arts & Crafts,Daily Life — Jen @ 8:36 am


Copy of 2009 005

Today's Catch

Some days, it’s ponies.  Frequently, it’s imaginary bad guys.  But this week, it’s origami frogs.

This is just a few of the paper frogs currently living with us.  Ryan has recently taken to making them morning, noon, and night.  He makes them instead of doing homework.  He makes them instead of finishing his chores.  They are great for avoidance.

He claims there are 16 of them, but I know this number is greatly underestimated.  Personally, I multiply by about 3 to get a more accurate count.

There is a science to these frogs, too.  They are not all the same.  Some of them are high-hoppers, and others are long-hoppers.  Some aren’t very good hoppers at all.  Some are gifts for siblings, but most remain in Ryan’s possession.

Maybe I should feel proud that he understands the concept of origami.  If only he understood the concept of throwing his leftover paper in the garbage.



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