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Reflections November 12, 2009

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Copy of 2009 046

Nature's Bounty

Quinn’s school class was required to enter Reflections this year.  In 8 years of having children attend this elementary school, this is the first time any of them has participated in Reflections.  As a child, I loved Reflections.  It suited me.  Science Fair, never, but Reflections yes!

(For those of you unfamiliar with it, Reflections is a contest of creative arts… painting, drawing, poetry, music composition, and of course, photography.)  Quinn, unsurprisingly, chose photography.  The sole reason for this is that he thought it would be the easiest course of action for him, and I guess there is something to be said for that.



Major Award

This picture of fruit is Quinn’s entry.  He loves fruit, so the subject matter was certainly appropriate.  The theme this year was “Beauty is…” and he had to write a little paragraph about why his entry shows what beauty is.

When I asked him about the contest, he was very short on information.  (It’s a boy thing, right?)  He did eventually tell me that his photo had moved to the next level, and would be hanging in the library at the junior high.

Then, a teacher that we have stayed close to told us congratulations on his award.  Quinn then produced this award certificate (which came with a pin) and told us that he had moved to “level 3!”  (Whatever that means.)  I don’t know how the kid does it.  Is it really talent or is it just luck?  At any rate, we are thrilled with the results of this activity and can’t wait to find out from the PTA what actually happened and how he did compared to other students.

Maybe next year we can convince Brooklyn to enter Reflections too!




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