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Caribbean Cruise ’09 November 23, 2009

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I added the year here, in anticipation of us having another Caribbean cruise at some point.  I know other people’s vacation photos are pretty boring, so I will just put in some highlights.

Walking the Beach at Princess Cays

Walking the beach at Princess Cays

Our first stop was Princess Cays.  The water was a little cold, but it didn’t stop us from floating around right through lunch.

Dorky picture by the Princess Cays Sign

Dorky picture by the island sign

Tuesday was spent at sea…

Formal Night

Robb forgot to pack his shoes, so he rented some shoes from the onboard tux shop.  They were really shiny!

Shopping in St. Maarten

St. Maarten was our second stop.  We stayed on the dutch side of the island and shopped and swam and sat on the beach.  We completely missed out on the “European” beaches on the French side of the island!

Floating in the ocean

This was also the day I got my hair braided.  It was much cooler and easier to deal with after that, although I’m pretty sure I look better with big hair.  I did get a lot of “nice hair” comments from the Philippino members of the crew, though.

The Dancing Dolphin

Our third stop was St. Thomas, where we took a shore excursion to Turtle Cove to go snorkeling, and we saw green sea turtles.  It was amazing!

Water Island

We had lunch on beautiful Water Island, where the weather and water were warm and beautiful.  It was an awesome adventure!

Grand Turk

Last stop… Grand Turk, where the snorkeling was mediocre, but the sunset did not disappoint!

The sun sets on our vacation

And, we came home to snow!

We had an amazing time, and we are feeling really grateful to be able to have this experience.  We missed the kids tons, though!  Maybe next time we’ll take them with us.  Then again…!


2 Responses to “Caribbean Cruise ’09”

  1. Becca Says:

    That looks so wonderful! Especially at this time of year. I’m glad you guys got to go.

  2. Aunt Francie Says:

    What neat pictures! It looks like you has a wonderful trip. I hope you can go again next year. I know Jill enjoyed your wonderful children.

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