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The Empty Tree December 19, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 3:40 pm

The Pony Tree

Our tree was set up for about a day before we actually decorated it.  This was very exciting to the kids.  (You’d think the decorating would be the exciting part; but no… at our house it’s the empty tree that is the most fun!)

Quinn decided to take the opportunity to set up a battle scene in the tree.  He put his green army guys in the tree, strategically placed to do the most harm to their enemies.  The indians were set up on the empty tree box, with bows and arrows aimed towards the army guys in the tree.  The cowboys were stationed on the table next to the tree.  You might think the cowboys and indians would be natural enemies, but in this case, they decided to set aside their differences in pursuit of their common enemy, the green army guys.  In the end, though, their efforts were fruitless, as every last cowboy and indian was blown to smithereens.

Once the battle was over, the pony hide and seek began.  Brooklyn had a great time finding places for her ponies, leaving just one behind to count.  I personally don’t see how this is a good hiding spot at all, because unlike the green army guys, the ponies are very easy to see against the dark green background!!

The Counting Pony

They had a great time using the empty tree as a backdrop for their imaginations.  A perfect activity for children, if you ask me!


One Response to “The Empty Tree”

  1. Becca Says:

    What great imaginations! Love the cowboy, indians, and army guys story. 🙂

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