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Successful Christmas December 29, 2009

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Awesome Firepit

We had an awesome Christmas this year.  Despite all the stress and last minute buying that happened this year, everything came together in time.

Dan gave us this amazing firepit, which we love and can’t wait to try out!!  It’s too bad it has to spend the winter in the sadly inaccessible garage.  The real trick here will be finding a place for it in the yard.  Robb is making big plans in his head as we speak.  It has to be away from the house and redwood deck, away from the wood fences, and away from the trees.  Which pretty much just leaves the middle of the yard.  Don’t worry, though, we will figure out something awesome!  (or barring that, something cheap yet usable.)

Ryan's Shaq Shoes

Ryan is showing off his new athletic shoes for me here.  I think they’ll fit me just fine, but I doubt Ryan is interested in sharing them!  They look great on him, and he needed them pretty bad.  His first season of church basketball starts next week, so these shoes showed up not a moment too soon!!

Two Hands... Two Swords

Quinn loves having two nerf swords.  They have really been spurring the imagination.  He showed off his sword-fighting moves for the family as soon as he opened them!!  (He has basically been practicing his whole life for this opportunity to fight bad guys with two swords!  It definitely makes it easier to defeat multiple enemies!)  He also scored several nerf guns, and he is determined to train himself to be a nerf gun master.

LPS Clubhouse

Santa brought Brooklyn a clubhouse for her Littlest Pet Shops.  This picture depicts a common scene this week… her, on the floor, surrounded by tiny little toys.  She loves these Littlest Pet Shops, and honestly, I haven’t found another little girl who doesn’t!  Of course, it was a small step down from the gaming system with built-in camera that she wanted, and a huge step down from the million dollars she asked for a few months ago, but it didn’t stop her from enjoying it!

Q Comics Snowflake

And, Christmas is not complete without at least one home-made gift from a child.  Quinn laughed as he gave us this “Q Comics Snowflake,” as he called it.  Those of you who have looked at the comics may recognize some of these pictures.  There are also those of you who will appreciate the paper it was cut from.  It is the perfect marriage of Quinn’s personality and the holiday season!

Well, doesn’t every parent ask for a hand-cut snowflake with hand-drawn pictures of tanks and enemies and minions and hand-to-hand combat?  8)


One Response to “Successful Christmas”

  1. Josh Bennee Says:

    Wow that is a really cool fire pit! You guys will have a lot of fun with that!

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