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Candy for the Not-So-Sneaky December 30, 2009

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 1:37 pm

Sneaking Fudge

I walked into the kitchen a couple days before Christmas to find this scene.  This tupperware container with the pink lid was full of fudge, and had been in the freezer, waiting for our Christmas Eve party.  It seemed someone got in the mood to have some.  And… forgot to put it away.  (or possibly was interrupted.)  If the box had made it back into the freezer, I probably would never have known any was taken.  Oh, kids are so sneaky, right?

1/5/10 FOLLOW UP:  I talked to Ryan about this incident.  He swears it was not him, and cited as his reason that when he sneaks treats, he always puts it back just the way it was to hide the evidence!  The funny thing is that I totally believe this.  I’m pretty sure this was Brooklyn’s bright idea.  We’re still working on those critical thinking skills!


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