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Pancake Rolls January 18, 2010

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Shall I start by defending myself?  I don’t make bread, except to put a pre-packaged mix into the bread maker.  I don’t make rolls, or cinnamon rolls, or doughnuts, or anything else that requires yeast.  However, I got in the mood for some homemade rolls, and decided that there is no reason in the world that I couldn’t make them for the family.  I turned out to be wrong about that.

I’ve had my yeast a really long time.  I was told that if you keep yeast in the freezer, it basically lasts forever, but I don’t think that’s true.  Every time I have used it, it has worked terribly.  However, not wanting to believe that past behavior is a good predictor of future results, I gave it a try anyway.  The rolls didn’t rise at all.  Not one little bit.  So I baked them up anyway, and they still tasted good.

Still, the experience bothered me.  That, and Robb wanted to make cinnamon rolls, so I bought a brand-spanking-new jar of yeast.  I could no longer blame it on the yeast, and hallelujah, my problems are solved, right?  Last night I went for my second try at the rolls.

Again with the defense… I know that the milk and butter have to be the right temperature before you put the yeast in.  If it’s too hot, you kill the yeast.  I know that.  I tested it.  It was not too hot.  It was also not too cold, I swear.

You might have guessed, I am calling them pancake rolls because they baked up flat as a pancake.  It’s slightly depressing, but more enraging.  I will get this right, if I have to use the entire jar of yeast.  Maren, feel free to chime in with suggestions.


One Response to “Pancake Rolls”

  1. Maren M. Says:

    Hmmmm… here are my ideas:

    1. Did you try proofing the yeast first to make sure you didn’t get a bad batch?

    2. Did you add the salt to the dry ingredients first, or to the liquid with the yeast? (Add it to the dry – it’ll kill the yeast if added directly to it!)

    3. Was your flour too old? That can make it not rise.

    4. Did you knead the dough enough?

    5. I’ve found that the perfect place for dough to rise is on top of a running computer. (Nice and warm – as long as it doesn’t freak your husband out like mine. 🙂

    Don’t give up!

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