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10 Goals for 2010: Brooklyn January 20, 2010

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 6:11 pm

10 Goals for 2010

Have I mentioned that Brooklyn loves Activity Days?  She gets really excited for this one hour every two weeks.  This week, they were making goals for the coming year.  I think her’s were pretty good.

In case you can’t read them from the picture, here they are:

Read the Scriptures

Learn to Make Cookies

Learn the Articles of Faith

Pray every night

Work on Piano

Call Grandma

Finish my White Belt (move on to yellow belt)

Family Home Evening

Learn the 8’s times tables

Learn how to swim

I think it will be fun working with her on these goals this year.  She told Robb that she thinks we should do family prayer in the morning and at night.  Robb responded that she should probably do her personal prayers at night.  She said she has trouble remembering.  Don’t we all?

I love this little poster she came home with.  I think we will hang it on her bedroom wall so she can remember her goals all year.


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