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First Day of Karate January 22, 2010

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Single Wrist Grab

How does the saying go?  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  It was the first step of Brooklyn’s 10-12 year journey this week.

She had her first lesson, which was a one-on-one class with Mr. Hendrix.  She learned the 5 karate stances (attention, courtesy, relax, horse, ready), she learned the snap punch and snap kick, she learned her first grab technique, (front push) and she did some push ups.  I think she is better at those push ups than Quinn is!  She did really well, she learned fast, she was respectful.  I had a ton of fun watching her.

Later on, she attended her first group class.  Quinn is one of the teachers in this class, so that made it more fun for Robb and I to watch.  This picture is of her working with a partner on the grab technique they were learning, Single Wrist Grab.

They also did the attention drill in this class.  The idea behind this drill is that when you are in attention stance, the only things you are allowed to do is blink and breathe.  So the teachers walk around and try to get students to laugh.  Quinn and Ryan are both notoriously good at this game, and the skill must run in the family, because Brooklyn was great at it too.

We did consider putting sequins on her uniform.  Not really, but she would totally LOVE that!  She also told me, “I think we should always put my hair in a pony tail for karate.”  When I asked her why, she replied, “because it looks really cute with my uniform!”


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