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High Brown Belt: Quinn January 25, 2010

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High Brown Test

One thing I love about karate is all the little milestones that keep you going.  They have a little message each week, and they have a dozen or so that they rotate through.  One of the messages is “Inch by Inch is a Cinch; Yard by Yard is Very Hard.”

Each belt test feels like another inch toward the ultimate goal of black belt.  This week, Quinn successfully tested for his High Brown Belt.  It was a lot of fun to watch him.  He had to make up 3 scenarios for this test.  Each scenario is a made-up situation against 2 attackers, and made-up techniques to counter the attack.  Quinn’s scenarios looked great.  He is getting better and more creative all the time.

He is starting to really look forward to that black belt.  We figured that if he can keep up this pace, he may have the black belt before he is 16.  That is the goal he is shooting for.  He has just 3 belt ranks to go.  He’s been telling us quite a bit lately that he will have that black belt when he is 15.  I tend to believe him!  He is great at accomplishing what he has set out to do!

Congratulations, Quinn!!


One Response to “High Brown Belt: Quinn”

  1. Becca Says:

    I wish Sammy would have stuck with his karate. Good job Quinn for keeping up with yours.

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