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Tent City February 6, 2010

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Mom and Dad 1, Kids 0

The Haitian refugees aren’t the only ones living in tents this week.  Except, fortunately for our kids, their tent homes are inside actual homes with actual walls and roofs.  They probably don’t realize how lucky they are!

The kids love making these tents, or forts, or clubs, or whatever the buzz phrase of the week is.  Robb, for years, has been bragging up his tent-making skills to the kids.  As a kid, he would spend hours making these elaborate tent-homes in the living room, and then he would live in the tent all week.  He would do homework in there, sleep in there, play games, everything.  He has told the kids several times that compared to his childhood blanket mansions, their creations are quite pathetic.  So, this week, he set out to prove it.

View of the Inside

We had one huge thing going for us that Robb never had as a kid, and which never crossed the minds of our children; that thing is PVC pipe.  We used the PVC tinker-toys we have to play “golfshoes” with, and created one awesome as heck tent-home frame.  With this frame, we were able to make quite the amazing mansion with just 3 blankets.

Peep Hole for Parental Spying

This third picture has a better view of the framework we used.  It is also handy that the blankets went right to the edge of the couch, leaving a little flap which can easily be raised to peek in on the goings-on inside the fort.  Total bonus for the parents.

Robb set up the kids’ beds inside.  He gave them each their own space, their own pillows and blankets, we put their books on their pillows, and even gave them a lamp to read by.  Robb’s old foot locker doubles as a table, and great place to play cards.  We also used a small plastic decorative pine tree to make the place a little homier.  The tree also has christmas lights on it, so it provides some nice ambiance.

The Kids are Understandably Impressed

Once our creation was complete, we called the kids in to check it out.  They loved it!  They thought the cards on the table was a really nice touch, and they promptly scattered the cards all over the tent home.  Stinking kids.

Oh, one final touch.  Since not all of Brooklyn’s enormous collection of stuffed animals could reasonably stay inside the tent, we let most of them stand as sentinels at the front gate.

The Sentinels

Fluff Shorts, Tigress, and the other animals are a pretty menacing sight to potential intruders, don’t you think?  I expect the kids will be sleeping in this tent for several nights.

The only downside here is that we had to shorten up our living space, so our Superbowl party might be just a touch cramped.  Small price to pay, though!


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