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Science Fair 2010 February 23, 2010

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:01 am

Brooklyn's Cookie Project

Another Science Fair is finally behind us.  My kids love participating in science fair, which frankly boggles my mind.  They never want to do Reflections, which sounds a LOT more fun to me!

Brooklyn’s project this year was about the differences between butter and shortening in chocolate chip cookies.  It was a fun project, and she loved sharing her cookies with everyone.

Quinn and Bernoulli

I told Robb he was in charge of helping Quinn, and the two of them starting working at about 8:00 pm the night before Science Fair.  So, you can imagine, it was an amazing project.  In his defense, Robb thought there were several more days until the project was due.

Quinn took a hair dryer and a small rubber ball to school with him to demonstrate.  In the process, he tripped several people with the cord of the hair dryer, and the hair dryer no longer works.  Good thing we have two of them!

No big prizes were won this year, but a good time was had by all nonetheless!


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