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Quinn Vocabulary Test for YOU March 25, 2010

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I’m ashamed of how long it has been since my last post.  I have nothing new to report, either.  No cute pictures, no funny anecdotes, no comics or jokes.  A busy life is an empty life, it seems.

I did, however, want to share with you a vocabulary test Quinn and I put together not too long ago.  This happened when I realized that Quinn was using words that some adults don’t know.  I even learned a thing or two putting this together.  So, I thought I would share it with you all.  I’ll give you the weekend to put your thoughts together, and post the answers on Monday or Tuesday.  Please comment below with your thoughts!

Here we go.  Describe the following:

1. Minotaur

2. Nemesis

3. Medusa

4. Sai

5. Centaur

6. Katana

7. Minions

8. Turret

9. Tonfa

10. Griffin

Good luck, friends.  Keep in mind that these are words Quinn uses regularly.  Yeah, he’s 11 and in 6th grade.  🙂


4 Responses to “Quinn Vocabulary Test for YOU”

  1. em! Says:

    Warning: I’m all over this!

    1. I believe Minotaur was a Greek mytholigical creature. If memory serves from 8th grade English it was half man, half bull and was fed human sacrifices.
    2. Also one of my favorite words! Nemesis is an enemy to the extreme.
    3. Have you SEEN Clash of the Titans?? Medusa is half woman, half snake with hair made of snakes that can turn her enemies into stone by looking at them….until Perseus kills her sorry butt.
    4. I think a sai is a weapon with three prongs…one of the ninja turtles used them right?!
    5. Half man, half horse: weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.
    6. Some kind of weapon, I believe it’s a sword or some kind of blade.
    7. Large group of followers.
    8. I believe a turret is an armored structure that holds a giant gun.
    9. club-like or stick-like weapons, similar to a cop’s night stick.
    10. half eagle, half lion, all freakshow.

    I feel like I’m playing balderdash but all the words are based around nerdery.
    Eat it Quinn…eat it. Next thing I’m going to destroy him at is Super smash Bros.

  2. Maren M. Says:

    Hmmm… I’d better gear up so I can be ready for when I have an 11 year old. (Although I suspect in my house the vocab will be more computer related.) Let me just say that I am impressed with how many of these I actually know!

    1. Minotaur – mythical half man/half bull. Guards the labyrinth.

    2. Nemesis – enemy.

    3. Medusa – mythical woman (demon?) with snakes for hair. If you look at her you turn into stone.

    4. Sai – ninja turtle weapon. 🙂

    5. Centaur – Ummm… half man half horse, right?

    6. Katana – more Japanese weapons. Not sure exactly what, though. Oh wait – is it the big long stick?

    7. Minions – a group of people who do your bidding. Preferably evil.

    8. Turret – tower on a castle. Or something like that.

    9. Tonfa – not a clue.

    10. Griffin – half eagle half lion. I think. You know, like Buckbeak in Harry Potter.

  3. ElRay Roper Says:

    Here are my entries
    1. Minotaur – some kind of dinosaur like monster
    2. Nemesis – your enemy or competition
    3. Medusa – figure from Greek mythology, had snakes for hair
    4. Sai – no idea
    5. Centaur – man with a horse body
    6. Katana – japanese dog food?
    7. Minions – accomplices
    8. Turret – the top part of a tank
    9. Tonfa – something you would eat at a vegeterian restaurant, made out of soylent green
    10. Griffen – a monster similar to a gargoyl

  4. velvet Says:

    1. Minotaur: Some kind of monster

    2. Nemesis: Enemy

    3. Medusa: Snake for hair lady

    4. Sai: Guessing some kind of monster

    5. Centaur: Horseman

    6. Katana: Guessing some kind of monster

    7. Minions: Head evil person’s little helpers

    8. Turret: ? but probably some kind of monster

    9. Tonfa: Guessing some kind of monster again

    10. Griffin: Flying monster

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