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Camera Fun April 12, 2010

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 10:13 am

Robb's perspective

It’s always a good time when the camera comes out and the kids start goofing off for pictures.  Robb started by taking this picture of Brooklyn, which I thought was pretty funny.  She noticed the perspective, and how her head looks huge and her feet look tiny.  Of course, it doesn’t help that her head actually is huge, and her feet actually are tiny!

The Swordsman

Quinn, as usual, was carrying a sword.  Fortunately, today’s sword was an actual toy sword, and not a piece of PVC pipe, like he has taken to carrying around with him lately.  He can get into character without even trying, so this picture cracked me up.  It’s the intense, “don’t-mess-with-me” glare in his eyes!

Cool Guy

When the camera comes out, Ryan instantly tries to look cool.  If only he would realize that trying so hard to look cool does not look cool!  Ryan likes to pull out the “big guns” and show us his muscles.  We can’t get him to smile and show his teeth, but he will pull up his sleeves and flex all day long!


Brooklyn wanted a turn to take some pictures, so I handed her the camera.  She followed Robb out onto the deck, where he was checking on the grilled chicken we were having for dinner.  She told him to “look manly” and then she snapped this photo.  Hey, anytime a man is cooking dinner for me, it’s manly!!  (Sometimes I need photographic evidence!)

Making Ry Smile

I had to tickle Ryan (not an easy feat, let me tell you) and Robb had to snap this shot while he was off guard, in order to get a photo with a real smile.  The kid refuses to show his teeth.  I ended up loving this shot, and I’m currently using it as my facebook profile picture.  For a while, anyway!

I’ll have to share some more of our fun pictures soon… there are too many to add here all at once!


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