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First Marshmallow Roast of the Year May 4, 2010

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This firepit is so stinking cool!!  The other day, we hauled it from the garage to the backyard, which was quite a feat all by itself, let me tell you.  The thing weighs a ton.  But, between me and Robb and our dolly, we managed it.

It was fortunate that I had some marshmallows in the back of the pantry.  It’s not something I always have on hand, and this little soirée was rather spontaneous in nature.  Quinn happily dug through the crawl space for our roasting sticks.  We broke open a 12-pack of root beer that I got a hot deal on at Winco.  It was a good night!

Robb says this firepit is going to save us this summer.  We have been so busy with the landscape business, it has been really tough to find time to do fun things with the kids.  This way, we can do something right in the backyard, with no planning and no money!  I told him I would try to keep hot dogs and marshmallows on hand for these little occasions!

Browning the Marshmallows to Perfection

The kids are really into making the marshmallows perfectly browned.  Brooklyn kept catching hers on fire, and she was pretty upset about it!  Ryan is extremely patient and thoughtful about he whole process, picking out just the right spot for roasting, turning the stick slowly, even offering to roast other people’s marshmallows for them.

The only downside to the whole experience was dealing with the campfire smell afterward! 🙂


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