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Our Last Yellow Belt May 9, 2010

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Cutest Yellow Belt on her Row!

This week, we attended Brooklyn’s yellow belt test.  This was a different test for us, for a couple reasons.  First, this is the FOURTEENTH belt test for our family, and the FIRST time we have tested at the same school we regularly attend.  This karate school has three locations, and they rotate where the testing is held.  You would think that in 5 1/2 years, we would at some point test at the location closest to us!  It’s a little crazy the way that worked out.

Second, the reason we ended up at the local school was that Brooklyn tested early for this belt, another first in our family.  The boys were understandably upset that she got to skip an entire tab (about 6 weeks worth of work) and jump right to the belt test.  I gave them the business about that, though, and told them they ought to be happy for her.  She was 2 years old when we started going to that school.  For 5 years, she has sat through the boys’ classes two nights a week, watching, waiting, learning the system.  She has practiced with them at home.  She has done push-ups with them at the back of the room.  She is also older than either of them were when they started lessons.  She was much, much more prepared for karate than either Quinn or Ryan were.  The boys quickly changed their tune, and were happy for her.

And third, coincidentally, Brooklyn ended up standing right in front of us during the test.  This was another first, I think.  Frequently they are positioned across the room, or behind a post or something.  These tests are always annoyingly crowded, so moving to get a better view is just not an option.  We felt pretty lucky this time, and took lots of pictures of her.

Brooklyn and Mr. Thierolf

Brooklyn did a great job in her test, and we are really excited for her to start her new class with the yellow and orange belts!

The karate school started taking pictures of everyone after their belt test, so we got a couple great shots of her with the head teacher at our location, Mr. Thierolf.  He is a seriously awesome martial artist, a great teacher, and has now known us for several years.  If everything goes according to plan, he’ll be seeing us for several years more, as these kids work toward their black belts!


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