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He’s ThirTEEN May 11, 2010

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Awesome Guitar Shirt

Ryan turned 13 recently.  I have learned that I am definitely NOT prepared for this part of my life!  Next month Quinn will be 12, and leaving elementary school forever.  *sigh*

We celebrated with a party at the Roper’s, where Ryan scored this cool guitar shirt from yours truly.  I know it’s cool because he wore it at least twice before putting it in the laundry.  It was one of those rare moments where I didn’t have it in me to insist on the wear-once rule for shirts.

He also got the books he was hoping for.  He has been reading the Lightening Thief series, and really enjoying it.  You know, when a kid asks for books for their birthday, it’s hard for a parent to say no to that!

More Awesome Gifts

We had a second celebration with Robb’s family on Mothers Day.  It’s getting to be kind of a tradition with us.  With one late-April birthday, 4 May birthdays and Mothers Day, we have one big party for everyone.

The Life of Riley

At this party, he got the fixings for fancy fruit drinks, including the fancy fruit drink cups and a fresh pineapple!  Grandma also gave him one of those pillows with a back and armrests, so he was lounging and feeling pretty darn cool about it.  Grandma’s family room started to look like a tropical retreat once Ryan spread all his stuff out!

Now… if only we had the recipe to make these fancy drinks!! 🙂


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