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Interesting Memorial Day June 1, 2010

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On Memorial Day weekend this year, we nearly had a memorial for our car.  It was quite distressing, really.  Getting out of town in the summer time has become quite a big event for our family.  However, we were bound and determined to have a vacation, and we worked hard for it!

We had a late start, because, well, it’s summer.  Robb ended up having to mow on Friday, which was it’s own kind of frustration.  (We now have 4 employees, and Robb had to mow!)  We helped Suze and Glenn get the trailer ready.  And, with all that, it was around midnight by the time we pulled out.  We didn’t think it would be a problem, though.  We were only going to Kamas, a pretty short drive away.

Grandma & Girls playing cards

Our car didn’t make it up Parley’s canyon.  It overheated near the East Canyon exit, and over the next couple hours, we coaxed it to Kimball Junction.   Suze and Glenn passed us without realizing it, and were not answering their phones.  Not that they could have done much to help us anyway.  We ended up calling Robb’s mom, who drove up to rescue us at 4 in the morning.  We ate potato chips while we waited for her in the parking lot of the closed Walmart.  It was a weird day!  It was after 5 am by the time we got back home.  We were pretty happy to finally sleep!  After we got up, we rented a tow dolly and towed the car home.  Then we got right back in the borrowed car and went to the campground.  Cheryl came with us, only for the evening.

A Common Sight

It was really, really nice to be out of the city and out of cell phone range!  Brooklyn immediately grabbed the Gustafson’s little dog… Brooklyn and Gidget were frequently seen together.  She asks us for a dog at least weekly!

Some other common sights around the camp…

-Quinn and Sage wandering the wooded areas, “adventuring” as Quinn calls it, and carrying weapons made from sticks.

-Caleb and Ryan chopping wood, mostly Caleb.  I was amazed at how good he was at it, and how patient!  He chopped a lot of wood while we were there!

-Keilee leading the family in singing girls camp songs.  All the kids learned to love “The Cat Came Back” and all the adults learned to hate it!

-Ryan inviting people to play catch or frisbee with him.  The kid loves to play catch!

I think I will make a separate entry about the hike we took.  It was a pretty fun little adventure, and we took a mega-ton of pictures of it.  All the pictures are on Suze and Glenn’s camera, though, so it will have to wait until I get copies of the pics from them!

I have included some pictures of the mega fire the kids built.  While the adults napped (a wonderful vacation luxury!) the kids all pitched in and created this amazing tower of sticks and logs.  We were a little afraid to light it, for fear of inadvertently lighting nearby trees and tables as well!  They were quite proud of themselves, though, and rightly so.

Fire the Kids Built While the Adults Slept

Aptly Named "The Horns of Fire"

It was a great camping trip.  Let me add a quite post script.  We bought a new radiator cap for the car, which helped, but it is still not in any condition to be driven up any canyons anytime soon.  Not sure what we’ll do for the next camping trip!


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