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4th of July in Idaho July 13, 2010

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First Stop... Ogden

We had a great 4th of July weekend this year.  We went to Idaho, to visit a long time friend of Robb’s mom.  He has a small farm with a couple horses and a ton of tractors, and plenty of room to park a trailer and a tent, so it was a great place to visit.  The drive is only a couple hours, but we ended up stopping in Ogden for supplies to get the electrical on the trailer connected properly.

Grandma and Brooklyn

I think Robb, Suze and Cheryl all breathed a collective sigh of relief to be out of the city and back on the farm.  They wasted no time at all pulling the tractors out and taking all the kids for rides.

Tractor Traffic

This shot made me laugh, because it was kind of like a tractor traffic jam in the yard there!  Suze had my boys with her, and Ray had Suze’s boys with him.

A Common Sight

Horse Riding Girl

The horses were a huge attraction while we were there, too.  I’m not sure there was a point at all where there wasn’t at least one kid sitting on the fence of the horse’s corral.  All the kids took turns riding Roscoe.

Ry the Rider

Cowboy Q

Besides riding horses and tractors, the kids found other fun things to do.  We went fishing in the river across the street.  It was fun to have a stream so close to us!  We didn’t catch anything, but most of us still had fun.  Quinn and Sage spent a ton of time in the hay field fighting imaginary bad guys.  I asked Quinn how many bad guys he killed, and he had to use his fingers, and take a minute to count them all.  (I was surprised that he remembered every one of them!)  The final count when we left was about 2050 bad guys destroyed.  At one point, they conquered a droid army 1000 strong by rusting them in the sprinklers.

Another highlight was the fireworks show.  We made the short drive to Lava Hot Springs, about 15-20 minutes away, and spread some blankets and sleeping bags on the grass.  It was a fun show, but if we ever go again, we’ll bring more blankets, and chairs this time!

We were super glad that Ray allowed us to take over his property for a couple days.  The kids wasted no time planning a return trip!


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