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Memorial Day, part deux July 13, 2010

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The Whole Gang

During our awesome Soapstone campout, we decided to take a hike into the back part of the campground.  We all set out together… all 12 of us plus the dog.

We soon came to the river, and we took off our shoes and did some wading.  The water, naturally, was freezing cold, but that stopped no one at all!

Getting Cold Feet

The Gusta-Clan

Stott Family Photo

We even took some cute family photos while we were there.

I realize that this post is mostly just a bunch of pictures, but I’m okay with that today.  We tried to take a picture of each kid individually doing something cool on the hike.  Robb mainly staged all these shots.  All the following are the staged shots and some other cute ones I wanted to remember!

These are really good memories!

Suze helping Sage

Hiking alongside the River

Ry and Kei

Micah and Brooklyn

Sage the Monkey

Quinn the Karate Kid


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