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Roper Reunion 2010 October 5, 2010

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Yes, I realize this reunion took place in August, and yes, I realize the date on this post is October.  My life is just like that lately.  I did finally get some pictures downloaded and organized, so I am ready to blog again!  Yay!

Kayaking with Grandpa

I had quite a few pictures of the kids on the lake.  In this first one, Brooklyn and Gracelyn were out kayaking with Grandpa.  I was amazed at how well they were doing.  They had no problems, no concerns, and they enjoyed paddling quietly around the pond.  They were out there for quite a while, too.

I also have a couple shots of Ryan in the blow-up raft with ElRay.  ElRay was laying back, catching some rays, while Ryan did the muscle job rowing him around!  The kayak’s were in high demand that day, as I recall.

Cute Little Madeline

I loved this picture of Allison and Shelley with Madeline.  It was my first time getting to know her cute personality.  I just love her very feminine high-pitched voice!  This one is ALL girl!

Having the family photo shoot is always… entertaining!  As I recall, a bloody nose stalled the photos for a few minutes.  (Chock that one up to brotherly love!)

DVR Grandkids

We managed to round up the grandkids and take a shot or two of them together.  Some of them seem happier about this than others.

All in all, it was a very nice reunion.  The geocaching was fun, (although a little labor-intensive!), the slideshow was nostalgic, the interviews were informative, and the food was delicious.  It was great to catch up with cousins I rarely see, and remember how my dad used to look, in the days before wrinkles! 😉

Looking forward to reunion 2012!


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