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In the Nick of Time… January 4, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 8:55 pm

Just when my homicidal tendencies were welling up inside me, God intervened and saved Ryan’s life today.  In the past 4 months, Ryan has lost THREE sweatshirts and ONE coat at the junior high school.  I’ve been giving him no end of grief about it.  Yesterday, when he came home jacket-less again, I lost it.  What exactly am I supposed to do?  How many jackets can one parent be expected to provide?  Am I really supposed to offer him my jacket when he has such a horrible track record?

Fortunately for Ryan, he has two parents.  Robb graciously gave up his hooded sweatshirt and I gave Ryan strict instructions that the shirt is never to leave his backpack unless it is on his body.  I had been wondering how truthful Ryan was being about the time he spent searching for the lost jackets, so I thought this was a good time to step in unannounced and see what I could learn for myself.

After taking Brooklyn to school, I drove over to the junior high and asked at the front desk about the lost and found pile.  They directed me to a small pile in the cafeteria, which was supposed to be donated during Christmas break, but thankfully had not been.  I found one of Ryan’s sweatshirts in that pile.  It was the one I spent $3 on at the DI when he lost the previous hoodie.  (And yes, I made him reimburse me for the $3.  I have flatly refused to buy jackets for either of the boys this year.)  I then marched over to the attendance office and asked to speak to Ryan.  He was, of course, shocked to see me during the school day.

I handed him the jacket I found, and took Robb’s back.  I made Ryan come up with a plan about when he would find some time to search for the others, and I left satisfied.  I think Ryan felt better, too.  While this experience did cause my homicidal feelings to diminish, they did not subside entirely.  I consoled myself by pulling every piece of trash, every toy, every dirty sock and whatever else I could find from every corner of Ryan’s bedroom.  There is currently a huge pile of stuff in the middle of the bedroom floor for him to sift through.  He is understandably not-so-thrilled about it.

Oh, and side note…

Ryan came home from school with the coat and the most recent lost sweatshirt, which, when added to the one I found earlier in the day, brings the total to 3 of 4 missing jackets found.  Maybe his body warmth (and his life) will last the winter after all.


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