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Church Ball January 19, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 8:52 pm

I always thought it was just the girls who had completely out-of-control church ball games.  Perhaps I was misled by my brother.  It turns out Deacons have some pretty wild ball games too.

One of the deacons in our ward was really worried that there would not be enough players for this weeks ball game and we would have to forfeit.  He was under the impression that because Ryan had a broken toe, he would not be able to play, which was not true.  Ryan was fully intending to play.  Nevertheless, this boy called Quinn and begged him to play tonight.  (Quinn really wanted to cheer the team on, but said he wasn’t too interested in playing.  I don’t have strong enough feelings about church ball to coerce him.)  Quinn went back and forth a couple times, but in the end he dressed to play.

Thanks in part to the worry, I’m sure, there were nine boys there to play tonight.  Quinn played amazingly well.  He learned some of the rules the hard way tonight, though, like dribbling while you’re moving, and not stepping over the foul line while shooting free throws.  I thought he would be timid, but he was anything but.  I was taking pictures with my phone during the whole game.  This first one is my favorite… there is a delay on my camera, so it’s really tough to get action shots.  You practically have to know the future to do it.  I was seriously excited when I caught it mid-shot!  Okay, okay, it’s still not an amazing photo, but it is an action shot of Quinn shooting a basketball, which is something I was not sure I would ever see.

Quinn Takes the Shot

I have been putting a lot of attention on Quinn here, but honestly, Ryan played like a champ!  He is much more aggressive than he was last year, and more confidant.  He was guarding well, moving a lot, getting rebounds and taking shots.  He didn’t actually score any points, but you wouldn’t know it from the way he played.

My action shot of Ryan was much less impressive.  I decided to post one that was far less… well, active.  Watching these games makes me excited for the day when Ryan has grown a few inches and is no longer the shortest kid on the court.  He has some natural athletic ability and loves being so active.  It’s a trait that will serve him well, I’m sure.

Getting in the Game

I think the funnest part is sitting on the sidelines with the other players moms, cheering as loud as possible when anyone makes a shot, complaining about the refs, and laughing at the little funny moments in the game.  I’m glad we still have 5 or 6 more years of this!


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