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Mother-Daughter Book Club January 21, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 8:51 pm

Fairy Fun

Tonight Brooklyn and I attended our very first mother-daughter book club.  It was really fun!  We read a book called Afternoon of the Elves.  We ate elf food (berries and grapes) while we had our discussion.  Then, since the hostess had a hard time finding elf-crafts, we did fairy crafts.

We played with fairy paper dolls, dressing them in fancy butterfly-like costumes.  Then we made “fairy dust” by  mixing the following ingredients in a ziploc bag:

3 T. cornstarch, several drops of food coloring (the recipe calls for 3, but it really took more like 15), and 3 drops of scented oil.  You can also add clear glitter, as much as you want.

You have to work the bag quite a bit to get it all mixed in.  The food coloring has a tendency to clump up, and you have to smash the clumps and work them into the cornstarch.  We thought we should look for little jars to put the fairy dust in, and decorate them.

Making Friends

We’ll be doing this book club once a month.  I think it will be a fun tradition, something fun to give us some “girl time.”  Brooklyn seemed to enjoy herself, though I’m pretty sure her favorite part of the evening was when she spent 10 minutes scratching the dog!  She makes friends with dogs wherever she goes!



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