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What Would You Do For a Klondike? February 5, 2011

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Mummy Brothers

I hate to be one to spout stereotypes, but at times you can’t get away from it.  The ever-so-prepared Young Men’s Presidency announced to both boys and parents on Sunday that the Klondike would be on Friday.  *sigh*  Good thing I’m so wealthy, and can buy cold weather gear at the drop of a hat.

After Ryan’s disastrous experience at last year’s winter camp, I told him I would not force him to go again.  I was, of course, planning to do my best to influence him, but as it turned out, none of that was really necessary.  After attending Mutual on Tuesday night, he made the decision himself.  (Which, with Ryan, is really the only true way to make a decision.)  I was thinking that if Ryan refused to go, Quinn could use all Ryan’s gear from last year.  But, alas, we had to come up with a second set.

This week I shopped for the following cold weather items for the boys: a sleeping bag for Quinn, which turned out to be about half what I expected to spend; wool socks, which turned out to be about triple what I intended to spend; chemical hand warmers; non-cotton running pants for Quinn; thermal underwear for both of them, which I happily found on clearance; and, of course, numerous snacks.  I felt prepared.

Quinn was so excited about his new sleeping bag, he couldn’t wait to get into it.  He tore it open the minute he got home from school, and we had a lesson about using a mummy bag.  Later in the evening, he showed it to Robb.  The following day, he showed it to his friends.  It was a big hit.  I only hope it keeps his skinny little frame warm.

Saturday afternoon, they returned from camp, smelling like campfire and spouting stories of ice fishing and hot chocolate and so forth.  Quinn was telling me that they ate granola bars on the drive home, as he proceeded to empty his pockets of granola bar wrappers… handfuls and handfuls of them!  He must have pulled 30 wrappers from his coat pockets.  “How many bars did you eat?” I ask, incredulous.  He explained that he offered to take everyone’s wrappers and throw them all away.  Still, it was a lot of bars for one car load of boys.

Fortunately, the things that caused me the most worry, namely, that they would be cold and that they would not have fun, were not worth worrying about.  They stayed warm, slept in tents rather than snow caves this year, and enjoyed all the organized events.  We were happy to have them home!


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