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The Perfect Place February 17, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 12:52 pm

3D Art Has Its Place

Ryan is taking a 3D art class this year.  We periodically hear stories about this class, but this is the first time we have seen evidence.  He made this very cool orb from circles folded and glued together.  He made his own tassel and hung it from the bottom.  When he got home, he hung it on the light fixture over the dinner table before I knew about it.  He then proudly asked me to come take a look at his project.

“I was thinking about this spot while I was making it,” he explained.  “I thought this would be the perfect spot for it.”  And so it is.  I’m not sure how long this art project will hang here, but I suspect it will be a while.

Honestly, it’s usually only the 1st and 2nd graders that bring home art projects.  It’s quite refreshing to see something from the 8th grader!


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