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Brooklyn Loves Broccoli March 9, 2011

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I’m sort of opposed to writing blog posts without pictures, but I don’t have one today, so we’ll have to make do.

When Brooklyn was a toddler and learning to talk, we used to help her practice that “BR” sound by saying the phrase “Brooklyn loves broccoli.”  It was funny, because Brooklyn, like every other self-respecting toddler, hated broccoli.  Sometimes she would change the saying by replacing the word “loves” with the word “hates.”  It’s been kind of a running joke around here.

Recently, Brooklyn has learned to enjoy broccoli a little, if you can believe it.  (I’m pretty sure it is brain-washing from all that speech practice when she was little!!)  She will eat the tops of the broccoli, but not the stems.  It’s fine with me, because I’m pretty sure the tops is where the bulk of the nutrition is.  Ryan and I also enjoy broccoli, but Quinn and Robb cannot bring themselves to eat it.  In keeping with my new attitude of preparing foods that are delicious and nutritious, regardless of what my family thinks about it, I have served broccoli a couple times recently.

Robb is making big efforts to learn to enjoy vegetables.  He told me he wanted to try broccoli, and asked me to start him out easy by smothering it in cheese.  How can I turn down such a request?  Robb was fortunate that fresh broccoli was on sale this week, so I bought a couple heads and last night prepared some broccoli cheese soup.

I boiled the broccoli separately so the flavor would not be infused in the soup, and the greens would be nice and tender.  I imagine a fair amount of the nutrients went down the drain with the boiling water, but I remind myself that we’re taking baby steps.  The soup was actually quite boring, by my standards.  Robb was worried that there was way too much broccoli in it, and he and Quinn were kind of dreading eating it.  They started a game of daring and one-up-manship during dinner.

“Look how brave I am!  This is the biggest piece of broccoli ever!” Robb told Quinn.  Quinn took his own big piece of broccoli on his spoon.  Robb told him, “Count down for me.”  Quinn replied “One,” and took a big bite.  Robb, not to be outdone, took his own big bite.  It was kind of comical to watch.  In the end, everyone finished their soup.  Robb said the soup was perfect, and not too heavy on the broccoli flavor.  He told me to make it again, if I make it just like that.

These are words I never thought I would hear from my husband’s mouth!


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